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Does Ventilation Stop Mould? Find out here what Homevent solutions can do for you!

Homevent helps you take control of your household mould issues by offering you the latest in home ventilation systems and mould removal services.

What is mould?

Mould is a microscopic organism, which is associated with damp and condensation. It can appear on any damp surface such as paint, plaster, wallpaper or tiles in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, basements etc. Its appearance is unsightly and it can appear in various colours – from black to pink to green. Apart from being unsightly there is growing evidence to suggest that it is also bad for your health, causing headaches and breathing difficulties, as well as nausea and fatigue.

Mould Problems

Mould is a recognised allergen and irritant, which releases tiny spores that can travel through the air. These spores often have micro toxins and allergens attached to them, that have been identified as a trigger for respiratory problems such as asthma, flu and fatigue. Mould gradually digests and destroys whatever it grows on.

Mould is not just a problem limited to bathrooms or kitchens. It can appear around window frames, behind furniture, on mattresses, walls, floors, ceilings and doors. It can appear in any room of the house. It can even find its way into your wardrobe and on to your clothing, shoes and bags!

Mould Removal Service – Does Ventilation Stop Mould?

The problem of mould is surprisingly easy to resolve once you have identified the cause and origin of the problem. Homevent can provide you with a permanent solution to solve all your mould problems through our innovative range of home ventilation systems and by giving you a professional in-house mould inspection and assessment as well as recommending an appropriate treatment solution.

One of the most effective ways to control mould growth is by managing the ventilation and limiting moisture levels. Homevent mould removal service provides professionally trained technicians who can identify and eliminate mould problems in your home. They will safely remove the mould, and then specially clean and treat the affected areas to prevent further growth. Our exclusive products have been proven to work effectively and reliably.

Home ventilation system is the most efficient approach to keep mould at bay. Condensation will be minimized if the air is circulated continuously throughout the house, reducing mould formation. Prevent possible health risks in your household with Homevent mould removal services and take control of the mould and mildew problems in your home. Live healthier and cleaner.

If moisture cannot leave from home or room, it can develop a musty odour that is difficult to remove. Homevent offers in-home mould removal or mould cleaning services. Call our experts on 1300 577 777 for home ventilation system cleaning.

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